Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ukelele Love

Look what we found!
Great for the kids to strum.
BUT not only for the kids!!
These brilliant Ukelele's do actually tune
like any other string instrument
& can be played by a pro.. or er.. amatuer/beginner!
Comes boxed with a spare string and plectrum.
LOVE the 'Jack' print too!
I have my son's ukelele hanging on the wall like this one.
It not only keeps it safe (& tidy),
when he's not 'busking' around the house
BUT also, it looks fabulous as a wall ornament in his room!!
Easy to do..
Simply tie a loop of bright ribbon from a little hook on the wall. 
Then, hang the Ukelele
by hooking the tuning pegs on the back of the Uke's neck
onto the loop of ribbon! 
We will do our best to reorder these up to Christmas time
- however our supplier has a limited quantity
& we too are fast running out already!
If you really want one for your big or little musician
come in soon & grab one!