Friday, 19 October 2012

Brilliant Bright Brooches!

 Zelda Zebra & Gina Giraffe
 Our latest collection of Brooches
are certainly Deco inspired!
Presented perfectly in these Lidded Round Boxes. 
We love them just for the box!
Not only to pin to a Classic Top or Lapel..
Why not try the side of a Summer Hat or..
Even more creative..
Pin to a length of colourful beads or necklace,
and drape around your neck
with the brooch sitting off centre!
This adds a new dimension
to your lengths of beads
and really makes an eye catching statement!
Haven't got any long necklaces?
We have!
Better yet, they're nice and light and won't be a drag around your neck at the end of the day..
What we love most is that we have bought them directly from the source - making prices start at a mere $21!
A girl can never have too many Brooches & Beads!
Waldo the Wacky Wise Owl & Alphonese Dog