Wednesday, 18 September 2013

It's a Car Park Out There!

We just wanted to let you know
that the fence
that was recently erected
in the middle of the Car Park,
by the neighbouring shop owner,
is beyond our control..
We really do apologise for the confusion
and inconvenience that this has caused some.
Please understand
that we are quite helpless
& are the meat in the middle of the sandwich!
Our Landlord is trying to move mountains
and provide a solution as soon as possible.
If you do find it a bit tricky to get into the Car Park,
(because of the awkward fence)
it is a lot easier to approach from the top of Eva Street,
rather than coming in off Chatsworth Road.
we have a secret shady spot
on the other side of Chatsworth Road -
in the cul de sac of Esmonde Place.
Chatsworth Road is easy to cross here,
with a very handy Refuge Island in the middle.
Otherwise a leisurely stroll through the Parkland
at the back of our shop may help.
Simply park on Procyon Street on the edge of the Park behind us. 
We have found many a twig, seed pod or even a nest
whilst ambling down to the shop through the Parkland..
..perhaps you'll find a natural treasure
to pop in one of the many wonderful pieces
in our glass and cloche collection!
We hope that you will continue to beat a path to our door
& help us continue with what we do best!