Thursday, 28 November 2013

An Apple for my Teacher

In the midst of Swim Carnivals, Carols & end of school celebrations..
It's time to think about Teacher's Gifts!
Giving an apple to your teacher is an age old tradition.
So why not twist the tradition & consider giving one of these ornamental apples for your child's teacher
to keep on their desk perched atop a pile of papers or books?
Oh and for those who have asked..
the background features
our fabulous Outdoor Rugs!
This one is the very 'now' Chevron design.
We also have other styles -
such as Marrakech, Trellis,
& a sweet subtle Stem pattern.
They are available in two sizes.
These are a brilliant way to add some
punch to a boring 'ol Timber Deck or Patio Floor!
UV Resistant, so they won't fade or fall apart.
Waterproof, so you can leave them out
in a summer storm or by the pool!
Mine feels lovely to walk on
with some cushioning instead of the hard wood floor...
Best of all - they won't break the budget!