Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas is In!

Children just LOVE the countdown to Christmas!
And rightly so!
My children reminded me that it was
only 12 days until the big day!
Now that School is over,
it is beginning
to feel like a lot like Christmas..
If you need to spice up your Christmas decorating,
our wicker Bells are perfect
to casually hang off the back off the chairs
at your Christmas table.
Perhaps they can be a gift for your guests to take home?..
Suspend some over the table either on their own or from a fallen branch found in the garden or in the local bushland..
Or simply hung on a corner of the verandah, stairwell, living room, or even a tree in the garden
with some beautiful ribbon.
And if you are on the hop to a fabulous
coastal Christmas in a holiday home,
our laser cut trees (below)
are perfect to cluster in your holiday retreat..
..they pack flat, so you can throw them in the car or your luggage 
and slot them together when you arrive.
Voila, instant festive flair!