Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Rain Rain & more Rain

Well, we've just wrapped up another trip to Trade Fair
curating lots of exciting new
pieces & ideas for our collection!
these fabulous ceramic Umbrella Vessels
headed our way.
We LOVE the modern take,
with an array of umbrellas smattered around.
All it needs is your brolly collection
to be popped in,
ready for the next sprinkle..or downpour.. 
If you are thinking you need a new brolly to shelter from these rainy showers, we have some gorgeous designs for you and the kids!
(Also, great to stave off the hot hot sun.)
So, pull your brolly out,
brave the weather and swing by..
..our swag of goodies are
already hitting our back door
ready to be unpacked
and brought out into the shop.
One of our biggest thrills
is seeing something that we were
very excited to find,
finally arrive!
It always shines in the shop
and we love it
when you get a kick out of discovering it too!