Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hop Into Easter!

Don't you love the anticipation
of hooking into four long days off 
over the Easter Weekend?
For some reason it doesn't seem
to have the same madness
that comes with Christmas time..
And that's what we love about this time of year!
Whatever you are up to this Easter Weekend..
Life's Good!
A thought that has been in my head lately..
"You can't smell the roses
if you haven't opened your eyes to notice them!"
Make sure you stop and smell the roses,
breathe in that sea air,
listen to the Rainbow Lorikeets clustered in a big tree,
feel the breeze on a lazy afternoon..

Oh... By the way,
we will be closed over the entire weekend
to stop and enjoy some time with our families.
Meantime we are open until Thursday 28th March 
and be back next Tuesday 2nd April..