Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Budgie's needing a good home

 Back in the day
many of us had a Budgie as a pet.
With grand plans to teach 'Tweetie' to talk..
Letting him out of the cage for 'free flying'
only to have him flee to a nearby tree
..after finding one forgotten window was left ajar.
Popping a piece of found cuttlefish in his cage to chew on..
Finding a swing, a bell, and a mirror to entertain them..
Or hearing that distinctive Budgie trill.
Oh the memories that come flooding back!
How many of us have Budgerigars now?
We have the perfect Budgie!
He's pure white porcelain!
And will happily perch on a vase or photo frame
..without flying out the window!
A true Australian icon!